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  • Hello GeGeek, I wrote you an E-Mail about purchasing your french translation for the Woltlab Suite via Bank-transaction.

    Would be very happy about your answer :)

    • Hi, i'm sorry i didn't receive it.
      You can't pay via Paypal ? You want to make a wire transfer ? Or other ? :)

    • yes, I don't use PayPal, so I would love to transfer you the money for the french translation via bank-transfer or online-banking-transfer (instant). :) you can PM me here in the forum, that's maybe the easiest way?

      I still wonder that you didn't receive my e-mail as I used the contact formular on your website and I get the automatic response "thank you for your e-mail, I'll respond to it soon".

    • Hi, sorry for the delay, i just replied to your email. :) Thank you !

    • Thank you very much :) check your e-mail again!

  • Hallo, darf ich deine Sprachdatei für mein Forum haben Das wäre sehr nett

  • merci pour le travail accompli...

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  • bonjour avez vous encors la traduction de WBB 4.0.x ? merci

  • Salut est-ce que c'est possible d'avoir la version traduite de WBB 4.0.10 Merci de ta part !