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    - <item name="">g:i&#xa0;a</item>
    + <item name=""><![CDATA[g:ia]]>

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    I cannot find a definite ruling that says to drop the space between the hour/minute and the a.m./p.m. part. According to my research it is favored to include the space at all times and checking with various large sites (including gov/news) this seems to be the accepted norm.

    Yet again, I was not able to find an absolute answer, therefore if you have any other source, please let me know!

  • At least in Spanish we have several ways of writing the time. According to Fundéu (a fondation created in collaboration with the Academy of the language), when using the 12 hours format, there should not be a space between the colon and the digits for minutes but there should be a space after the period of Ante/post meridiem, i.e. 9:30 a. m.

    Source: (in Spanish)

    Here in the French speaking part of Switzerland, I have never seen the use of a.m., AM, a. m., am, etc. I have always seen this format in academic papers, news, and governmental publications: 9 h 30 min or 9 h 30

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  • Alexander Ebert Oh sorry, my report is not about time format. I thought it was an error because you do not use <![CDATA[]]> same as in other phrases.


    Code: de.xml
    <item name=""><![CDATA[H:i]]></item>
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    CDATA isn't required in most places, it simply became a habit to include it at all times. In particular it is required when using special characters, such as < or >, because their usage is ambiguous in XML. In other terms CDATA pretty much equals "literally" and instructs the XML-parser to treat the enclosed characters as pure text without a special meaning.

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