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  • Hi,

    I am currently using your demo, but I am struggling with using this demo as some parts of the admincp are in German. I appreciate you are a German company and I do speak a few words of German, but as far as running my own website goes, I need everything to be in English.

    So far, the parts of the demo that I have discovered which have not been fully translated into English are the "boxes " and "menu" areas of the admincp. Please see attached screenshots.

    Will there be a fully English language demo available soon?

    I also need a up to date manual. I have found a older manual on your site for Burning Board 4, but this is now out of date, hence its why it's in your archive section. I just need a updated manual covering the most up to date version of your software, preferably in pdf form. Where can I find this?

    (As a side note, how do I edit the title of threads after the threads have been created? I tried to do it with this topic, but I couldn't see a way to edit the thread title.



    I am a Newbie Admin. Please be gentle, I don't understand technical things.
    (Please can we have a full manual for this software)

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  • Hello Jupiter,

    Currently, the names of the boxes are set using the language during the installation. In our online demo, this is German. If you buy and install the software, the names are created correctly in English.

    There is currently no manual for WoltLab Suite as for Burning Board 4.1. We have put a lot of work into the search in the ACP. This is more meaningful in our eyes than a listing of all the functions in a PDF file.

    In addition, our guide section will be continuously expanded with instructions:

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  • Thank you Andrea Berg for your reply.

    How can I possibly evaluate whether I should buy your software when parts of your demo are in a different language to mine?

    Your demo looks nice, but I cannot not properly evaluate it's functions and all its various options when some of them are in German. It is a shame, as the software looks very nice, but I cannot purchase your software as I am unable to properly evaluate it.

    Not having a up to date manual is also another clear oversight.

    But thanks anyway for the reply.

    I am a Newbie Admin. Please be gentle, I don't understand technical things.
    (Please can we have a full manual for this software)

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