Images aren't displayed after submitted

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    This bug report is based on ticket #5363, as requested by Alexander Ebert

    I wanted to reuse attachments in another posts, than inserted using url, they were displayed in editor, but after submitted, they disapeared

  • you can use the htlm code , it is the code in the original post

    <img class="woltlabAttachment" src="" data-attachment-id="564">

    or use the quote to have the image


    but i have no idea about the parameter none and false

  • in this case, images on the same domain should get rewritten to use https if the request was through a secure connection.

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    what is 416 by the way ?

    A HTTP error that is thrown, when the client requests some parts of the data (for instance downloading in chunks), but the range is for any reason invalid. This can happen if the client requests too large ranges or ranges that exceed the file size.

  • ok , do you have a idea about the parameter of the bbcode attach ?

    it is possible with attach to have a full picture ?

    and i don't understand about the http error .

    a exemple , i have a picture with the logo, , we use it always we make a photoshop training

    the picture is an attachement file on thread " training 1"

    what is the solution to use it on thread "training 2" in full image ?

    what is the solution to use it on a article ?

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