[Emergency] Huge Amount of Facebook Authentication Errors

  • Last 2 days I have huge amount of Facebook Authentication errors, and Facebook users can't connect in our Community.

    The problem is Huge, because our members can't connect ...

    Any Ides from where to start ?

    Here is my Server Config.

  • I think is related to this Alert from Facebook

    As you see the problem started 2 days ago....

    Xiaomi Miui Hellas currently has access to Graph API v2.2 which will reach the end of its 2-year lifetime on 27 March, 2017. To ensure a smooth transition, please migrate all calls to Graph API v2.3 or higher.

    My API is Version 2.3 i think

    Now, what I must do to solve this Issue ?

    Thanks in Advance for your Help....

  • Same problem. Users can't log in!

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    PHP notice in file /www/htdocs/MYDOMAIN/forum/wcf/lib/action/FacebookAuthAction.class.php (70): Undefined index: access_token

  • Create a new app, paste the new keypair in your ACP

    Doesn't that revoke all existing logins with facebook-accounts?

    Or just set the new version:

    I never understood that "tool". You can chose something but you can't safe anything or click a next-button or something else. It's just a stupid select-input which won't upgrade the version and stop facebook from sending stupid notifications that I should use this tool to upgrade the version.

  • Upgrade don't have any affect to the Problem...

    Nothing is working now, and we Have e-mails from members which can't login to our community...

    Is An Emergency situation and affecting more than 12k accounts from facebook logins.

    I don't know what to do.

    I will send a mail to all of our members to inform them for this issue and ask for sorry and wait to fix it.

    Maybe needs an Emergency Update to your code dear Developers, because Facebook changed something critical in their routine and now we have 100% fail in Authentication,

  • To fix this, edit the file wcf/lib/action/FacebookAuthAction.class.php and find:

    parse_str($content, $data);

    Replace it with

    In my test, the data returned from the API was JSON, while it has been different before (that's why parse_str was used). I've left the previous code, because there might be cases, where the API still returns the data in the "old" format, so both formats are possible.

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