a solution for portrait picture ?

  • Affected App
    WoltLab Suite Core

    I have the same message for the old version of woltlab with no solution and i try with the new version to find a solution....

    it is the same problem for attachment and link picture

    I have a photographic forum and because it is a photographic forum , i don't want to limit the size of picture to 800 pixels Height, because we want to see details.

    For landscape picture , there are no problems we have the loop and we can see on the forum the whole picture .

    For portrait picture , if the picture has 2000 pixels hight , it is a problem to see the whole picture .

    I want to oblige the loop for resize if the height of the picture is more than 800 pixels ....

    I can not use the miniature because it is too small

    a solution ?

  • in landscape picture , if the size of the picture is too big , we have a zoom with a magnifing glass

    i want for a portrait picture have a zoom with a magnifing glass if the height of the picture is more 800 pixels ( 800 pixels because it is approximatively the height of a standard screen ) to see the whole picture and not a part of picture

  • You want different settings for the preview of landscape and portrait pictures ?

    If so, this is currently not supportet by the software.

    i don't want different setting for landscape and portrait picture ,

    i want that the maximun height for picture is 800 if the picture has a bigger height , the resize begin with the magnifing glass

  • Code
    .messageText img{max-height:800px}

    this code works for attachment picture , the picture is resized and i have the magnifing glass

    but the pictures with external url are affected , are there a specific code for attachment picture ? because pictures with external url don't have the magnifing glass

    a solution for picture with external url have the magnifing glass ?

  • The height is never taken into account, as it is not a limiting factor. External images are scaled down to a maximum of 100% the available width of the message, at no point is the height even considered. Please provide an example that yields a reproducible case in which this does not work as expected.

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