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    I quite confuse how to use "email users" feature, as at first it quite hard to understand how to choose recipient /s. Although i manage to understand now, but it's not convenience.

    I hope we can choose recipient by just typing it in <input> above Email Subject, just like conversations with multi Participants.

  • You read the headline "Send email to all users", didn't you?

    If you want to message some users only, you have to check (the checkboxes) on the user list and then click on "send mail".

    PS: In German translation the menu item says "E-Mail an alle Benutzer", which is "Email all users". Alexander Ebert might want to add the all.

  • yeah, I read it, so its function is the same with another "email users" under USER GROUPS sub menu - with "users" checkbox ticked. Hmm.. so that's it.

  • anyway this send email to all users feature is useless for me, because there's no outgoing email hour/daily limit.

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