WoltLab Suite Core 3.0: Articles

  • Creating custom pages with WoltLab Suite 3 is already super easy and open up a lot of possibilities when it comes to providing the content for your site. Yet, there are cases in which you want your site to be more lively and provide a steady stream of content flowing in your site, attracting visitors and providing more value for existing users. Articles are exactly what you have been looking for!

    Clean and Appealing: Content in Focus

    Articles have been designed with a minimum of visual clutter, focusing entirely on the content. The headline is backed by an optional illustrative image, as seen on most news pages, with a typical teaser text (highlighted in bold) following it. It has been designed with a maximum of semantic markup, helping search engines to understand your content and providing screen readers valuable help, increasing the accessibility of your page without any work required from you.

    Easy Content Creation and Internationalization (i18n)

    If your site has more than one interface language installed, you are offered the choice between a monolingual article (written in whatever language you want) or a multilingual article. The latter provide full localization support, including different illustration images and tags, but the article will still appear as a single item in the listing.

    The teaser works a bit different than the rest of the content, it will be shown on the article list along with a smaller version of the illustration image, but does also appear at the very top of the article. If you decide to skip the teaser, it will be automatically generated using the first 500 characters from the actual content.

    Managing Articles

    Following the new filter-based layout for item listings, you can easily search and locate articles, including the ability to filter by certain authors. Multilingual articles will always appear as a single item, using the localized title based on your interface language.

    Support for Google AMP

    Articles include full support for Accelerated Mobile Pages, a heavily stripped-down version of the site, designed to load extremely fast as possible on mobile devices with low bandwidth available. AMP pages are recognized by the Google search engine and help your content to achieve better visibility and thus gain more visitors.

  • Hi

    If I post a new article it's possible to get it as forum, Gallery etc has that user see that there is a new article:!:


    Norwegian language files to (WSC 5.2 + 5.3 WSC 5.4 + 5.5 and The New 6.0 ) *no.xml* Unofficial Language Packs

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