Woltlab 3.x

  • Hello again! A bit of research i see there no more support for 3.x versions.. It's have any chance to be the old version are published for free? If no more support, and no more BUY Options for it, i don't see the reason for NO, i just ask.. Because i never undestand when a software or program version is no more supported, you can't buy it, why the developer not release these old versions, even for the newbie developers to learn..

    Regards, Bence

  • I don't think is feels like cheated.. because who buy before 2-3 years a go the 3.x version, now got an update for FREE for a 4.0 version.. if you think a bit, if you buy a forum engine, after in the years you got a free updates, and you have a nice fresh looking forum, you going to give a f@uck for it if the developers release the old version for free? No.. Yes, you buy before that version, you pay for it, but you got a free upgrade... Before i use more than 1,5 year the WBB Lite version but then i need to shut down my site for some reason.. Now a few days i go i want to create a forum with the WBB Lite version but sadly i see no one care about it.. when you release it in 2010? if i know right.. it was a good option for free, but no one care about the version, no new plugins, no updates.. so lets say you release the WBB3.x HALF version lets say... because the WBB lite is a Half version of the Full version. Now god know how many years is gone after the first WBB3, why you not release now this version? Right now every forum witch run WBB Updated for the 4.0 new version... let say after just 1 year, who gonna support, or give help for a 3.x version from the Developer team? No one.. because all of it is so busy with the New customer, and create better the 4.0 Version.. that why i dont undestand why the 3.x version not released yet for the public..

  • We do not offer upgrades for free (Upgrade prices for existing Burning Board licenses).

    We highly recommend users of Burning Board 3.1 to upgrade to our current stable version Burning Board 4.1. In fact, there are a lot of customers there are still using version 3.1 and older.

    Burning Board 3.1 does not match the current state of technology. Sooner or later, the software will no longer be able to run. Many of the third-party plugins already no longer work with recent versions of PHP.

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