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  • Hello,

    i encounter huge time refresh problem.

    When i post a new thread, it could take a long time before it appears on the forum.
    I sometimes post a new thread, i can see it in my "watched threads" but it will appear a long time after...

    Do you know why ?
    I get a vps server with ssd. So, it has to be very fast as there is no user until now...

    If someone want to test : my forum is http://www.vrdiscussion.com



  • In fact, it works now.
    I tested with other internet connection and it works perfectly.

    I get problem with my connection at home... I don't know why..

    Problem is solved...

    • Official Post

    Could be an overly aggressive cache in place, either on a proxy server (if used) or in your browser. There is a special option in the ACP that forces browsers to never use a cache when accessing the forums, effectively preventing these kind of issues. Note that this does not affect static resources such as images, these will remain cached.

  • ACP : is it "use memchached" ?

    If yes, it's written "Caching methods different from “Filesystem” require special extensions or services running on your machine."

    Let me know.



  • So would you recommend this setting ?

    Yes i recommend this setting. I don't know if i will encounter any problem with static ressources sush as image.

    If i understand : even if i set up this setting; if i post an image, it could be possible that the image doesn't appear immediately ?

  • No these should appear immediately (when new).I believe what Alexander said is that if you for example change an image then it might not change directly due to the cache.

    So, this setting is perfect for me and fixed my problem.


  • Ok ;)

    So, the bad result for cache with https://tools.pingdom.com is due to a server problem ?

    "F 10 Leverage browser caching"

    I don't know if this figure is important because load time is good.

    Comment : my server is not so far from new york, so it's normal that load time in europe is bad.

  • don't know. I'm asking to my host provider.

    If you do not see one you can create one:

    create a file named: .htaccess with the following content and upload it into the root of your WBB installation

  • I did it, result is much better :

    Serve static content from a cookieless domain
    Remove query strings from static resources

    Almost perfect :)

  • those 2 results couldn't currently be solved but are not really a bad thing ;)
    Query String with static files are done to make sure that some of the static content appears immediately if its changed by the wbb and coockieless domain is something not supportet by wbb at the moment.

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