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  • Hello,

    I'm french guy (sorry for my english) and want to start new forum on sport.
    I've tested XF and BB demo but i can't bring myself.

    My basic needs :
    - Language : french. BB seems to be limited (just basics products are
    translated; what about french language for "modern shoutbox" or others
    plugins ?).
    - Video : i will poste several videos links (youtube, dailymotion...). I
    don't like XF design in comparaison to BB design. Do you know others
    add-ons for XF apart from XenMedia ?
    - Permission : maybe i will create a specific forum category for over 16
    years. I don't know if it's possible to limit the age for one category ?
    - Rating : i would like create rating pages like this web site http://www.roulette-en-ligne.com/. Do plugin exist for XF and BB ?. If not, i will create specific thread on the top of each forum.


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    Hello @myk32,

    - Language: We officially support only the languages German and English. All other translations are voluntarily provided by customers. Also, all third-party plugins in our Plugin Store offers by default German and English. If a additional language has been provided to the plugin developer, then the developers noted this usually directly in the plugin description in which he thanked the translators for the work.

    - Video: In addition to embedded videos in posts, there exists the following plugin for Burning Board: https://www.cls-design.com/sho…Product/66-EasyMedia/?l=2

    - Permission: Access to the categories can be limited to user groups by group permissions. And you can automatically assign users with a certain age to usergroups. Alternatively, there are moderated user groups to which users can apply to gain access.

    - Rating: Maybe this one is something for you: https://www.cls-design.com/sho…/Product/40-EasyLink/?l=2

  • Hello Andrea Berg,

    Thank you for your answer.
    Video, permission and rating design suit me a lot but i think i will be blocked for expanssion (with plugins) due to french language. None of this system is in French :/

    Can i translate words easily ?
    For example, in EasyMedia plugin there are just a few words, no ? "latest images"; "latest videos"...

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  • They can be easily translated through the admin control panel (or by editing the language files which are shipped with every plugin). We also have some french users who are translating plugins. You may try to contact @GeGeek for example.

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