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  • Hello,

    I'm french guy (sorry for my english) and want to start new forum on sport.
    I've tested XF and BB demo but i can't bring myself.

    My basic needs :
    - Language : french. BB seems to be limited (just basics products are
    translated; what about french language for "modern shoutbox" or others
    plugins ?).
    - Video : i will poste several videos links (youtube, dailymotion...). I
    don't like XF design in comparaison to BB design. Do you know others
    add-ons for XF apart from XenMedia ?
    - Permission : maybe i will create a specific forum category for over 16
    years. I don't know if it's possible to limit the age for one category ?
    - Rating : i would like create rating pages like this web site http://www.roulette-en-ligne.com/. Do plugin exist for XF and BB ?. If not, i will create specific thread on the top of each forum.


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    Hello @myk32,

    - Language: We officially support only the languages German and English. All other translations are voluntarily provided by customers. Also, all third-party plugins in our Plugin Store offers by default German and English. If a additional language has been provided to the plugin developer, then the developers noted this usually directly in the plugin description in which he thanked the translators for the work.

    - Video: In addition to embedded videos in posts, there exists the following plugin for Burning Board: https://www.cls-design.com/shop/index.php…-EasyMedia/?l=2

    - Permission: Access to the categories can be limited to user groups by group permissions. And you can automatically assign users with a certain age to usergroups. Alternatively, there are moderated user groups to which users can apply to gain access.

    - Rating: Maybe this one is something for you: https://www.cls-design.com/shop/index.php…0-EasyLink/?l=2

  • Hello Andrea Berg,

    Thank you for your answer.
    Video, permission and rating design suit me a lot but i think i will be blocked for expanssion (with plugins) due to french language. None of this system is in French :/

    Can i translate words easily ?
    For example, in EasyMedia plugin there are just a few words, no ? "latest images"; "latest videos"...

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