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    Ads on thank you, exit, log in, or error pages

    Publishers are not permitted to place ads on any non-content based pages like thank you, error, log in, or exit pages. These are pages that visitors see on a site before potentially leaving the domain or after performing a specific action on the site such as a purchase or download.

    Ads that are the main focus on these types of pages can confuse a visitor into thinking that the ads are actual content, so do not place ads on such pages.

    I suppose non-content based pages are all form pages, right? The current form pages:

    • Register and login.
    • Not found (status 404) and Forbiden (status 403) pages.
    • Lost password form.
    • Search form.
    • User Control Panel.

    I think all these pages should be checked... but I also think that not all customers are Google Adsense users and they not should to be affected by the (very) restrictive policies of Google. I think good idea add a option similar to Show ad in non-content pages. Other softwares use this condition for ads.

  • I would also like this feature. especially when you misuse the ads feature for certain other stuffs (like putting a part of the logo somewhere else) or when you just wanna do ads for your own stuff where it should REALLY be no problem to show them literally everywhere

    also related to this is this German thread:
    "Werbung" bei inhaltslosen seiten wieder einblenden
    (in post 2 is a link to Github which shows what was changed, so it gives you a way to fix it yourself)

    aus angst vor Capslock nutze ich selten shift.

    in fear of capslock I rarely use shift.

  • Yes, Woltlab want a very easy and simple ad system, but with the Google Policies it is not possible because Google is very restrictive. Also there are other cases: maybe you want adsense ads in the posts, but a custom ad (.png image) about a conference in the page logo (and you want this ad in the top of all pages).

  • well a per-ad setting for show on conent pages (or not) would solve this issue perfectly.

    aus angst vor Capslock nutze ich selten shift.

    in fear of capslock I rarely use shift.

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