[Ready] Grammar Use & Punctuation: ACP - Maintenance - Rebuild Data

  • I'm liking that idea or suggestion, but I think that's a big change that wouldn't happen in 4.1/2.1, but maybe in 4.2/2.2? Because it would require recoding /"combining code" in that area of ACP. Current proposals are just grammar and punctuation to get in 4.1/2.1 and then they can just merge those commits on github into 4.2./2.2 as well. Kill two birds with one stone.

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  • Why not more simple buttons? Rebuild Forum (forums, threads and posts), Rebuild Blog (blogs and entries), Rebuild Calendar (calendar and events), Rebuild Gallery (images and albums), Rebuild Filebase (files and versions), Rebuild Conversations (conversations and messages), Rebuild Statistics, Rebuild Users, Rebuild Search Index (general).

    Each task could fail for whatever reason.

    Consider rebuilding the search index: This is usually among the most time consuming tasks and now imagine that it would have to deal with 5 different content types. The first 4 pass perfectly but the 5th fails because of reasons. In order to properly rebuild the 5th type, the worker has to go through the first 4 again until it finally hits the last one.

    We could solve it by adding more logic, e.g. the button opens an overlay where one can select which of these combined actions should actually be executed, effectively skipping the first 4 types as mentioned above. This is essentially the same as having 5 independent buttons, right? ;)

    Edit: Don't get wrong on this, I like your idea but it adds additional complexity (both to the UI and work for us) with limited benefits for the end user. Also this isn't a regular task an administrator has to perform, so we'll stick with our current approach.

  • Oh right, Alex makes a valid point(s) there, I totally forgot about that stuff. I remember that was discussed before a while back somewhere Lol. Regarding those two lang variable edit suggestions, they're over here at bottom... And still vote to drop the descriptions, it's easier.

  • I'd love to see an additional button on top of the page which rebuilds all data with one click...
    So you have the freedom to perform one after the other or, the for me most common case, perform all tasks together.

  • For the smaller sites and maybe even medium sized sites it would be nice to have, but super large sites the system might have a meltdown or jump out of the screen and drop kick you in the jaw lmao. But yes, there's a lot of times while testing on localhost, I wished there was a "one click data rebuild for all" button and be done with it. I generally just rebuild only certain data things I need rebuilt though, no point in rebuilding them all, if never did tags, articles, etc.

  • larger sites won't use the ACP for rebuilding data anyway, they'll use the CLI version to get a better performance

    Oh right, true! I'm having brain farts now cause I'm tired, and still haven't hit sack yet (heading there now though). Lol.

  • Got github desktop for windows 7, and cloned the master of woltlab repo from github, but not sure how to do the language file edits from computer then submit them to woltlab github as pull requests, because they're not here: https://github.com/WoltLab/WCF/tree/master/wcfsetup/install/packages 

    When you download and extract the files from the tar / archives, the language files are there under install/packages/ within the two tar archives for wcf and wbb .. .but then you have to extract those yet, to get to all these lang files. Do I need to copy/paste these missing language files into the cloned github repo in local github folders keeping proper structure or how is this done?

    Remember, even within the "wbb4.1.10\upload\install\packages\com.woltlab.wbb" and "wbb4.1.10\upload\install\packages\com.woltlab.wcf" archives after extracted, there's more here too: wbb4.1.10\upload\install\packages\com.woltlab.wbb\optionals
    and wbb4.1.10\upload\install\packages\com.woltlab.wbb\requirements that have archives/tar ... that need extracted to get the language files. I made github clone of master here: Documents\GitHub\Woltlab\WCF and then under here: Documents\GitHub\Woltlab\WCF\com.woltlab.wcf there's no language files at all... the ones mentioned previously in this paragraph are all missing.

    I can't do changes to said files, without the files at github / clone? Unless I manually add them all from a downloaded zip /tar from woltlab account on here, extract them all into which ever folder structures I think they should be at, then push to github itself. This is confusing. Can't make changes to invisible / non-existent files and then push invisible /non-existent files from local computer to github.

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  • The language files within the repositories are located at /language/ with the exception of WCF itself which uses a different layout: /wcfsetup/install/lang/. You won't find any pre-build packages in the repository, because those are dynamically build based on the repository data when we build releases.

    Oh okay, thanks Alex. :)

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  • These are not on github.
    THese ones are only to be found in the download archive file.

    Yeah, I edited post above, but you managed to get the message quoted anyway haha. Alex answered that in conversation, hence removing it from forum post. Like I said in convo, my hands are tied then, as I'm limited to what all I can do, which is basically only the WCF related ones.

  • I have blog, calendar, and gallery products, just not filebase... I've already reported a few for blog, calendar, and gallery though. But not sure how to make the changes and submit to github, unless I manually add folder structures for them on local hard drive, do the changes, and submit to github anyway?

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  • about the American vs British English (and all the other forms of english): why not try to be universal. instead of synchronize/synchronise just use recalculate, which probably works as well since that's pretty much what it's doing isnt it?
    I mean it isnt as if the activity points are stored somewhere eelse and are synced, or actually is it?

    aus angst vor Capslock nutze ich selten shift.

    in fear of capslock I rarely use shift.

  • I'm not sure, but I still plan to do the rebuild data descriptions and such. I think it's important to have descriptions there for new users coming to Woltlab products from other products, to have descriptions there, plus it looks more professional. I might use that word you suggested. The threads that I believe are "finished" for grammar edits, punctuation, etc, have "[Ready]" in the thread titles. The other ones aren't ready yet, still working on them.

  • @Smooey I am not stopping you from editing anything or maing suggestions. it was just my Idea that instead of focusing on one kind of english that it could be made a more universal approach when possible. that way no one would be left out.
    it is just a SUGGESTION and my OWN OPINION.

    aus angst vor Capslock nutze ich selten shift.

    in fear of capslock I rarely use shift.

  • @Smooey I am not stopping you from editing anything. it was just my Idea that instead of focusing on one kind of english that it could be made a more universal approach when possible. that way no one would be left out.
    it is just a SUGGESTION and my OWN OPINION.

    No no, I know you're not trying to stop me from editing anything, and know it's your suggestion or opinion. ;) :) I'm just not sure what staff would think of "recalculate" though cause I'm not in the staff's minds haha. I'm currently trying to make edits/proposals that are universal too, but since I'm limited to AE only and don't know BE and other forms of English, it's still rough to make edits, suggestions, etc.

    I've already spent about a week or more, losing sleep, etc doing what I've done so far.. I can't keep spending hours and hours doing this stuff either, cause it's not my job to do it. And if people keep having things changed (not everyone is happy or satisfied), then it will be more hours to rework them or come up with better ideas and suggestions. Then to have to learn Github, and how to submit changes to Github yet, come on...

    Feel free to check out these threads once and see if those will translate badly to German, Spanish, etc..
    [Ready] Grammar Use & Punctuation: WCF General Areas
    [Ready] Grammar Use & Punctuation: ACP - Options - Forum

    I think they're pretty damn good so far. But that's just my opinion, I'm not in the minds of others and can't read mind's though.

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