[Ready] Grammar Use & Punctuation: ACP - Maintenance - Rebuild Data

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    Here is what I propose, feel free to chime in and suggest something better. Or if you approve of them, then that's great of course. @Alexander Ebert this should be ready too, just have to handle other threads titled "[Not Ready]"

    - <item name="wcf.acp.rebuildData.com.woltlab.wbb.post.description"><![CDATA[Rebuilds post counters and synchronizes activity points]]></item>
    + <item name="wcf.acp.rebuildData.com.woltlab.wbb.post.description"><![CDATA[Rebuilds the post counters and recalculates the activity points.]]></item>
    - <item name="wcf.acp.rebuildData.com.woltlab.wbb.thread.description"><![CDATA[Rebuilds thread counters and synchronizes activity points]]></item>
    + <item name="wcf.acp.rebuildData.com.woltlab.wbb.thread.description"><![CDATA[Rebuilds the thread counters and recalculates the activity points.]]></item>
    - <item name="wcf.acp.rebuildData.com.woltlab.wbb.board.description"><![CDATA[Rebuilds forum counters]]></item>
    + <item name="wcf.acp.rebuildData.com.woltlab.wbb.board.description"><![CDATA[Rebuilds the forum counters.]]></item>
    - <item name="wcf.acp.rebuildData.com.woltlab.wbb.board"><![CDATA[Rebuilds Forums]]></item>
    + <item name="wcf.acp.rebuildData.com.woltlab.wbb.board"><![CDATA[Rebuild Forums]]></item>
    - <item name="wcf.acp.rebuildData.com.woltlab.wbb.post.search.index"><![CDATA[Rebuild post search index]]></item>
    + <item name="wcf.acp.rebuildData.com.woltlab.wbb.post.search.index"><![CDATA[Rebuild Post Search Index]]></item>

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