Do I need Woltlab Filebase and ....

  • I just purchased Woltlab Gallery this month. :)

    My plans are to establish various Categories of Specific Content, and also regulate them as to who (Members / Visitors as to their age, gender, etc., etc) of whom will be able to view the material (photos) therein .... and eventually also requiring my Members to pay a fee (or make a Donation) in order to view some OR most of these photo sets, etc., etc.

    My questions are:
    Is it necessary or advisable to purchase Woltlab Filebase in order to accomplish the above described plans I have for GALLERY on my Forum?
    Also, would a Plugin - such as Donation Plugin 1.0.17 by Christopher Walz - be also required (or advisable) in order to set up the Gallery Contents on a PAY or Donation basis?
    What else - if any - will I need with reference to Plugins and APPS?

    Thank you in advance for any help someone can give me on the above!


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    Hello @Ruff Seas,

    no, the Filebase is not necessary therefor. Our stock function "paid membership" is sufficient for this purpose. The supported paymend method is PayPal. If this is not sufficient, then we recommend the donation plugin.

    FYI: In the "Pre-Sales Questions" forum only we team members can respond. If you wish answers from other customers, then you need write in the help areas.

  • Thank you Andrea, for the information given above!

    And thanks for the "FYI" info too!


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