questions before considering a move from IPB and XF

  • Hello,

    I've just recently come across WBB4 and I am quite excited by its features. I will use this topic to ask questions as I come across them whilst working in my demo site.

    One of the issues I have with my current forum is the gallery comments lack integration (advising members of new content) and are difficult to moderate. Is there a way of turning off gallery comments and allowing a discussion topic (as per the calendar)?

  • Is there an improved search option that would allow for searching 3 characters or less (I have a lot of acronyms on my site)?

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    Hello @viralpoet,

    In the gallery categories and images can be subscribed. The subscriber will be kept informed about new items (pictures, comments). In addition, there are boxes for the dashboard and Sidebar for new pictures and comments. Discussion topics such as for the calendar are not possible.

    The search depends on the MySQL configuration. If you have access to the my.cnf, then you can edit the configuration as follows:…fulltext-fine-tuning.html

  • Thanks @Andrea Berg. In the appearance, the dashboard pages can be modified. There are options within the forum list, that I'd like to put on the dashboard page content area. Is this possible?

    Where do I find the moderator logs to see who has done what?

    When viewing using a tablet or phone, where do the moderator options get hidden?

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    What options exactly do you mean?

    The change log is normally only accessible via the corresponding thread. The following plugin you can add a global overview in the ACP:

    The icons that are normally found at the bottom right of the post, has in the mobile view moved upwards into the right menu.

    In the thread list the options can still be reached on the Edit link.

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