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    When the maintenance mode is enabled you're sending a 503 status to the clients. This behavior is not without cause any side effects on servers on which PHP script are served through PHP-FPM and the Apache2 proxy_fcgi module, in conjonction with the ProxyErrorOverride set to On (which allows enforce sending of generic error pages). You should really considers to not send specific status code for the maintenance page.

    See the related thread on our forums which provides more details.

    Thank you.

    Laurent Declercq (nuxwin)
    i-MSCP project director

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  • We're explicitly sending 503 because this is the most suitable error code and is recommend by all search engines to indicate a temporarily outage for whatever reason.

    I can understand the motivation behind this request, but I've never seen a stock installation from larger hosting companies with an active error interception.

  • @Alexander Ebert

    We do ;) but folllowing your answer, I'm now wondering if setting the ProxyErrorOverride parameter to On is not worse than nothing - I''m thinking about API error responses which could be overriden and in such a case this could cause strange effects..... I'll investigate a bit more. We added that parameter at first because when accessing inexistent PHP script, a generic "input file not found error" coming from PHP-FPM was showed. I'll see now if we can solve that problem in better way.

    Thank you for your time ;)

    Laurent Declercq (nuxwin)
    i-MSCP project director

  • Hi

    I'll see now if we can solve that problem in better way.

    Never used Apache, but using nginx it is possible (and recommended) to check whether the file exists first, before asking FPM to execute it. This probably is possible with Apache as well.

    Intercepting the error pages will cause problems everywhere inside Burning Board. We use proper 404, 403, 503 and a few other status codes as well.

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