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    Just spotted something when browing tags and clicked one that said not used, so went into admin cp and arranged tags by least used at top and it doesn't show up as being used 0 times.

    Here is the tag clicked showing no results.

    Here is the tag showing used 1 time in admin cp.

    I remember the topic that TAG was added with, but that topic was deleted ages ago. And I'm pretty sure before I deleted the topic later is was renamed and that tag removed from it at time (due to renaming the title). So that tag wasn't even attached with the topic when deleted later on.

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  • Seeing this problem happen more again. I just removed a topic posted earlier with 3 or 4 tags added to it. Went into tags expecting to find some with 0 showing to delete and none are listed. Even run some cron jobs such as daily and hourly clean up, emptied all cache. Run all maintenance tasks and still the tags left over from that topic show 1 listed topic being used with, when they are being used with none now.

    Knoow for a fact the tag "Russian SU-35" wasn't being used with any other topics, lol

    Any idea why this might be happening. As it showed tags before 0, unlinked with topics deleted.

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  • Hi

    can you please execute the following SQL query and provide me the result? It will show the objects that are assigned to the tag with ID 113 (the one in your screenshot):

    SELECT    t2o.*, ot.objectType, thread.topic
    FROM      wcf1_tag_to_object t2o
    LEFT JOIN wcf1_object_type ot USING (objectTypeID)
    LEFT JOIN wbb1_thread thread ON thread.threadID = t2o.objectID
    WHERE     tagID = 113;
  • That tag has since been deleted because knew there was no topic using it, even though it said 1 topic still. So don't think running that query will do much good now, the tag is gone.

  • OK, after running the query again on TAG ID 88, I can see it lists it as being linked with a topic I highlighted in yellow. But that topic "was deleted" yesterday. First it was sent to trashcan, then deleted a second time as (hard deleted). And this seems to be what is happening. If I delete a topic the tags was used with, those tags are still showing as used with 1 topic when they are not anymore.

    These are not topics sent into trashcan waiting so many days before trashcan is emptied. They always get hard deleted by doing it a second time. I have to delete 2 times, because 1st time only offers you option of send to trashcan, so you then have to do it again to hard delete the topic.

    So it's not like the topic is sitting in trashcan only getting deleted (emptied) 10 days from now (my setting for it). Why the tag might still be linked with it. That topic is gone, hard deleted.. same as other one was.

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  • Oh No! ;(

    You will have to ignore what I said above. Seems the topic is still listed after all, it was not deleted. Think I might know what I've been overlooking. I was logged out as a guest when clicking the tag and it showed no results, but that topic is posted on a private forum that guests cannot read. Hence why I got no results showed to me for the tag.

    Dear me..... X/

    But, even though I've made a mistake with this one now. The first post in this topic. That thread was made an Announcement topic and was posted on a public viewable forum that all could see. So I'll just have to keep an eye on it and make sure next time if it happens again, it's not a topic posted on a private forum only members can read (and I'm not clicking the tag as a guest).

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  • OK, this one shows the fault now. This TAG called RULES was attached to a topic that was posted as an Announcement before (then deleted later on). On my localhost Wamp install, and same thing is seen on my live site install also. Both have the tag linked to no topic.

    These screenshots was taken from locahost wamp install. TAG shows used with 1 topic still.

    This picture after running the query in database shows it's linked with no topic. Maybe it might have something to do with the fact the topic was posted as an Announcement?

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