Connection error in

  • Is not a software bug... but it is an error of chrome? cloudflare? my ISP? is normal? is solved?

    After set a label for one thread, please comment this thread to alert to the author. I have to check everyday my reports to know their status.

  • Networking is always unreliable and the issue can be caused by CloudFlare, the hosts between CloudFlare and your ISP, the ISP itself, your local network, your computer and your browser. If it would be an error somewhere between our software and CloudFlare, then CF shows a specific error message to the visitor. Since this didn't happen, we know that it did not happen on that part of the connection.

    Unless this happens frequently, you shouldn't waste your time investigating this because the amount of potential causes is almost "infinite" and even an experienced network engineer will have a hard time tracing it down.

    Alexander Ebert
    Senior Developer WoltLab® GmbH

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