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    Is it possible to improve the "similar threads" function?

    I'm going to explain my case. I have a lot threads with only a video, podcast or magazines embedded and all have the similar title Podcast 100 - Title of this podcast but this threads not appear in similar threads.

    I did a some tests and I can't understand how this function works. For example in my video all threads have similar title VAPE 100 - Title of the video, but only one of the threads have similar threads. There are two threads with very similar title (VAPE 482 - Tuiwok, cine y casino and VAPE 482 - Tuiwok) but in this threads there aren't similar threads.

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  • Hi @Throwholics,

    I just install this plugin in a test forum and run the cronjob manually, but the result is similar. Now VAPE 482 - Tuiwok have a similar thread VAPE 482 - Tuiwok, cine y casino, but VAPE 482 - Tuiwok, cine y casino not have a similar thread.

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    The search for similar threads utilizes the search system and this is where the problem arises. The search uses every word present in your subject to execute the search and since these terms are pretty specific and appear only once, the chance of finding proper matches is almost zero. Actually the chance of finding similar threads decreases the more words are in the subject because all of them are required to match, this can be even more worse when the thread contains only a youtube link w/o any other content that could contribute to the pool of searchable terms.

    However we do acknowledge that this behavior isn't that much practical and we're looking forward to lift some restrictions in future releases. Following our stability policy we will not make any fundamental changes to the search system (and changing its behavior falls under this) during a bugfix release, therefore this will be earliest addressed with Burning Board 4.2.

    Alexander Ebert
    Senior Developer WoltLab® GmbH

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