Width of Sidebar

  • I'm trying to add standard sized MPU adverts (300x250px) into the sidebar using the ads section (under Appearance).

    The problem is the sidebar isn't wide enough, so I found the style for the sidebar (#main > div > div > .sidebar) and set it to 310px, however it cuts off the right-hand side of the advert. So I made the sidebar wider again, but have the same problem.

    I then looked for some padding or margin that might be making a difference, so I set ".wcfAdLocationSidebarTop, .wcfAdLocationSidebarBottom" to have 0 left/right padding (it was 14px). This now displays the full width of the advert, but it looks wrong because there's no left margin, and it really needs it.

    I've tried a few other style settings but just can't get it to display correctly. Does anyone have any suggestions??

    Many Thanks


  • Thanks @Black Rider

    I've had another look through things and the changes I made to the style were:

    I then added a div around the advert (within Appearance > Ad) and gave it a negative margin-left of -14px. This way the rest of the items in the sidebar are centered under the MPU.

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