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    I'm not sure if I should make individual threads for each suggestions or doing it this way is fine.

    Preview Post Width is the same as the Witdh of the Actual Post
    When previewing a post, it always uses the width where it doesn't have the sidebar. I myself am a space conscious when it comes to posts, so if the spacing is wrong (especially when there's an image aligned to the left or right), I have to edit it out until it finally fits right. I hope this is implemented in the future, or if there's another solution like plugins and all, that works too

    Remove Formatting
    As far as I know, the only way to remove formatting is to either post them in a textpad or remove them individually via the editor.
    Another option for this is Paste as Text, where if a linked text or text that is in bold/header format, they would be removed when pasted. [Hmm, I think switching to BBCode text editor would do the trick...]

    Option to put Poll inline with Text or Above the Thread
    It gets a bit annoying when the Poll decides to fudge up Ordered/Un-ordered lists or image alignments (maybe the fudginess can be fixed through CSS?)


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