List of reliable and supported hosts compatible with Burning Board

  • I started using WBB a few years ago since the glorious 3.1.7. Initially, also due to my lack of experience with hosting and forum software in general, I struggled with finding a host that was stable and compatible with WBB -- for one reason or another those I tried back then didn't like WBB scirpt. Finally, I was able to find a few that had that good performance/compatibility balance I was looking for, and which I still use today.

    I believe that having a thread that discusses WBB customers' experiences with hosts was long due. Here, those willing, could share their experience with hosts and WBB, and recommend those that have proven to be stable and compatible with our forum software of choice.

    We could divide this into 2 main hosting plans that are most commonly used: shared hosting and VPS (including cloud or dedicated if you use it).

    I will start off with sharing mine:

    • Shared: IBH - IceBlue Host Stay away from this host.
    • VPS: Vultr

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  • as many of them are in Germany

    Thanks for sharing and for the forum reference :) We could also specify the location, considering that an increasing number of hosts offers their service beyond their national and continental limits. For instance, IBH and Vultr have servers both in Europe and the US.

    Thanks for sharing @Smooey :thumbup:

  • Well, this is the thread I was looking for. I'm not actually the website owner at the site of my WBB installation - I'm just a community member who volunteered to upgrade because they were still using phpBB 2, and now suddenly I'm an admin with them. What have I gotten myself into?

    Anyway, their hosting is godaddy shared, which is abysmal in performance with the forum software. Sometimes it seems like it's working fine, but other times... well, it's a roll of the dice. I also had to trick their server to even get WBB working - by creating a php.ini rule in the root and adding "memory_limit = 128M".

    I suspect it's because of the way they use latent databases. All those shared databases crammed into one server, and if any of them get under heavy load or attack, all suffer...

    I've heard good things about digital ocean, and here I read about Iceblue Host, so I'll spend some time checking the both of them out.

  • @Mistah_Q,

    I am renting a VPS (located in Amsterdam) from DigitalOcean (smallest plan, 512 MB RAM) and I'm quite happy with it – runs since six months without any problems (apart from problems I created ;) ).
    This “beast” runs MySQL, acts as my mail server, as my web host … :D

    But you have to manage the server by yourself as they don't do managed hosting, imho not the best choice for “server beginners” as it can quite easily make your server become a spambot or the like.
    Previously I had rented a shared server from, the performance was (imo) slowly degrading over time.


    Smallest plan as of writing






    5$ / month 512 MB 1 Core 20 GB SSD 1 TB

    » Hat zu tief ins Glas geschaut: Hellseher verletzt sich an Wahrheitskugel «


  • I always used JaguarPC for my websites, and those I designed for clients back in the day. They are still around, and will be my choice of host, with a multitude of hosting packages available. I successfully ran numerous wBB there in the past. They are a US based host with top-notch support & reliability if you ask me.

  • Here is my current list of providers.

    These host seem to be dependable and the few times there were issue (because no one is perfect), they were quick to resolve and were willing admit they had an issue (not just pass it up as other providers do).

    == Managed Only Hosting ==

    == Managed & Unmanaged ==

    == Unmanaged ==

    == DNS Providers ==

    == CDN Providers ==

    == CDN + DNS + Security Providers ==

    == Domain name registrars ==

    * notes the ones I, myself am currently using at this moment

  • Oh my ***. GoDaddy hosting is so bad it should be illegal. In the end I signed up with:

    I like what's going on with them so far. But -- the only thing I need to do from my old host (GoDaddy) is pull a backup of the database (using sql-dumper), about 31 MB. I can't do it. I'm lucky to get to 30% before it crashes.

  • I finally did it... took many tries but I finally got a database dump from godaddy, and then restored at ramnode. After the coming weekend (forum's busy time) I'll give ramnode an official grade, but as of now, I quite recommend them.

  • Addendum: Nope, I can't recommend ramnode. I had a problem whose fix only required a simple setting change on their side - since I didn't have access to change it. I put in a ticket and they came back chiding me about how they're an unmanaged provider (yeah I know that...). They had my main directory set up wrong (as my username, let's say mistahq) and my domains were all showing up as ip address, like, 123.45.678.90/forum/index.php/boardlist and 123.45.678.90/myothersite/index.php unless I used that very specific directory. but then the directory always showed up in my address, then I could have like, and

    They refused to change the setting for me, so I cancelled and migrated to Vultr. And now my sites are working flawlessly, resolving correctly, etc.

  • Been with Vultr two weeks, can't find one reason to complain. Nice choice. I researched a lot of benchmarks and statistics which is why I tried ramnode first, but Vultr wasn't far behind at all.

  • Hello @rafix73 myself i recomend Hostgator that is what im currently using. Im using a shared hosting and i been with them 4 years and its been great so far. If you need any help regarding Hostgator i will be happy to help you.

    The link provided above is an affiliate link, in case you decide to go with Hostgator will be of help your support.


  • I'd say that so far it's been great. Vultr is really affordable and flexible, which makes it an ideal environment for any kind of testing and various projects one may have. Known Host is providing me with the best hosting experience I have had in a long while, although it comes with a higher price. But if you don't want to compromise, and are tired of the lack of freedom and compatibility issues that often afflict share plans, a nice SSD VPS could be relatively heavy on the wallet, but still leave you with a smile :D

  • I just bought a shared hosting from asmallorange to start my forum, everything seems fine

    Switched to Hawkhost shared hosting for my wbb, I had Mariadb issue with A Small Orange shared hosting.

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