URLs and thread title missing

  • Affected App
    WoltLab Suite Forum

    This works as designed? https://community.woltlab.com/thread/235807/?title=. Is not posible use only the thread ID? e.g. https://community.woltlab.com/thread/235807/.

  • Is it the same issue with the feed url? why the URL looks like this

    https://community.woltlab.com/board-feed/1100/ ?at=757

    and not like this


    • Official Post

    No, that is the Access Token (= at) useful for RSS Feed Readers to access forums not accessible by public. The token works as if you would manually authenticate (don't know if any RSS reader supports this at all), but with the exception that the token is only recognized for RSS and has no meaning outside it, so an attacker can't use it to take over your account.

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