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    In various areas of the software if a user has 0 gallery images or 0 articles it is not possible to see search links to non existent content, great.

    Yet the same is not possible for posts and threads. If users have none, the links still show and direct to a error page, which is not useful at all.

    No content at all so no links here:

    Then why show this?:

    This adds nothing to user experience except negative:

    • Official Post

    You can set forums to not count user posts/threads, thus a user can create threads and posts in that section, but the post counter will remain at zero. Since there is no such feature in the Gallery or Blog, the system can assume that there is no content if the count is zero, but this assumption does not work for the forums, hence the links are shown regardless of that.

    Alexander Ebert
    Senior Developer WoltLab® GmbH

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