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    I asked this question (How can I add a new share option?) in December but I think is better do this suggestion.

    I do not know how many hispanic websites use WoltLab Burning Board. (maybe I'm the only one :P ) is a spanish reddit and is the most visited news aggregator in spanish. For websites in Spanish is as important as Reddit for English sites. I propose add Meneame in share options and add a setting parameters in ACP to enable or disable this (or other) share option. I understand that for a website in English Meneame is unnecessary.

  • But the share-buttons are normaly for other sites like Meneame -> Facebook, or Meneame -> Twitter. Why would you like to add a share button on Meneame to Meneame? Or did i missunderstod your post?

    Hi @Sithys,

    Meneame is not my website. My website is other and I want to send my content to Meneame.

  • Adding new social sharing buttons can be achieved via plugin. I already made this for WhatsApp.


    Just checked it. From what i can see is, that sharing URLs via Menaeme can be done via

    I have to figure out, how the sharing mechanism has been changed in WCF 2.1 and maybe provide you a tiny plugin.

  • Thanks @SoftCreatR. :)

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