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    Sometimes a reply or follow up replay really isn't needed. And a simple 'Like' (or maybe dislike) is all that is needed to wrap up the PM (personal message).

  • I suppose every person has a personal thought about a "Like system". I think in a "Like System" that a system to remark the interesting content and I only use a dislike to indicate a offensive content.

    In my opinion other use only favors the cronyism and the revenges. Many people use "Like" or "Dislike" and not arguments and much communication is lost.

    In my forum I don't use a dislike system, only like. It's similar to a stars system (5 stars = excellent thread). Thread with many likes is interesting content.

    I like the contact with people. When I write or receive a PM I like reply a short "Thanks". A simple "Like" is cold for me.

    Obviously this is a personal thought. If I can set this in ACP settings of course I don't have problems with this suggestion.

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