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    In wcf 2.0 you cannot set titles and meta descriptions for important pages, root homepage, gallery hompage, blog homepage and some more.

    Will 2.1 allow editing of page title and/or meta descriptions?

    I know we have the seo mod but it has tons of bugs and this should be core feature imo, at least for app startpages!?

    Many thanks,

  • Title and noindex is possible now yes...

    But meta description is pulled from header include and as a result if you manually add one to a page template you get 2 entries in the source code . One new one and an older empty one.

    There should be somewhere in admin cp to add meta descriptions to app startpages IMO.

    Since fixing the URL friendliness in 2.1, meta descriptions are the only real thing stopping people dropping the SEO plugins which many want to do because they are broken and not supported!

    Please give us the option to drop these other plugins :)

  • So the SEO addon is now officailly dead.

    Broken addons and support

    Please for the love of all things add meta descriptions, titles etc so we can upgrade from 4.0 to 4.1

    Now many customers will be stuck!

    I really doubt they will add this for 4.1 since its a pretty big feature.. i'd like it if somebody could modify the seo addon so it works for 4.1... but 4.2 should really have a option to add custom meta tags to ANY page.. now i have to resort to using the forum description in 4.1 to set the page description and there not always meant for the board readers :p

  • Pretty much the most popular questions for new customers are how do I change the URL (remove index.php) followed by how do I add meta tags.

    The standard response is always, there is a plugin for that.

    Now it's gone and there isn no fix!

    Many customers cannot upgrade to 4.1 without breaking major site function and many wont even buy it until it has this function added.

    The URL issue is finally fixed...

    Noindex can be added via a template edit...

    Page titles can be edited via template edit too...

    The last deal breaker for many is the option to change meta descriptions for app start pages and the lack of auto generated meta descriptions for some other pages based on the page content.

    It's 2015. It's time ;)

  • I think also it needs to be clearer how to do these template edits, I'm still not sure how to do the no index and how to find the names for things.

    Woltlab have to stop thinking about the customer as an developer: many webmasters are newbies and want easy options. Of course everything can adapt with hours developing, but there are many customers who are not able to.

  • It could be that perhaps it's explained well over and over in the German threads but that doesn't help English speakers like myself. I find it hard to find information, whilst I much prefer this forum to my former forum, back a few years ago when I needed to know how to do something on my vbb forum it was very easy to find the information and do it myself. Sometimes whilst I find helpful answers I find there seems to be a lot of assumed knowledge which makes me think it must be hashed out often in non English threads.

    Have to stop editor is seriously lagging on my iPad 4 (latest iOS) using safari

  • I'm Spanish and I have the same problem. Also the multilingualism makes the threads in English have less participation.

    Personally I don't like multilingualism system. I like tag the content by language but the content should always be present in both languages.

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