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    The below example is a prime example why there should be an internal limit

    spoiler madness

    If it can be abused, it will be abused. And while you can policy you site, you cannot do so every waking moment.

  • Awesome the tests you do. 8o

    There are very troll users and It's very necessary limit this. The admin must be able to choose in the ACP the number of quotes or spoilers allowed.

  • I am very much in favor if have the admin set a limit for quote nesting. The quote within quote within quote is not even something done by trolls, it happens automatically when when quoting a message that contains quotes. MyBB implements it as follows:


    Maximum Nested Quote Tags
    The maximum depth level for quote tags. When quote-replying to a post, all nested quotes which exceed this threshold are automatically removed. Note that this value is only enforced when quote-replying - it is still possible to manually enter quotes to exceed this limit, and this setting will not affect posts already submitted. Set to 0 to disable.

    As for spoilers, I have not run into this problem. But it looks like purposeful behavior. And I guess this could be done with quoting too. But isn't that something where you would ban a person for being obnoxious. Or maybe not having dealt with this I don't understand this well.

  • But isn't that something where you would ban a person for being obnoxious.

    Ideally, yes, but today for example, I was at work from 5 am to 9 pm. That's 16 hours away from my site. Assume for a moment all the staff were also away for various reasons. Something like this could give the illusion that your site is broken.

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