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    Multilingualism feature is really an advanced feature for WCF, but (in my opinion) lacks on flexibility. Posting the same content twice (or more) has some disadvantages:

    • Douple posting attachments will needs more web space unless if the system saves only the attachment id and not really uploads the files again. But there is always a chance (especially for novice users), to upload again the files and not use the selection from gallery.
    • Reposting the same text (even in different language) is a bit difficult. Who can remember exactly what he/she wrotes in the original post? Most probably parts of the post will remain out.
    • There are some parts of the post that are the same in all languages: eg When using the code bbcode.

    I believe that a user who wants to post in multiple language must have the ability to copy (and then edit) the post instead to add new post. This way:

    • Attachments will not get extra web space
    • Parts that don't need translation will save time.
    • User will be sure that he hasn't forgot any paragraph from the original post, as he/she will has the original post there and will be able in an easy way to translate paragraph by paragraph.

    This is just a suggestion to extend the user's experiance.


  • You can re-use attachments in another post. But I agree, a way to make that a little bit easier wouldn't hurt.

    As far as e.g. code goes, you can already use pastebin or gists. Gists will be embedded automatically. But I don't see what you want to "solve" there? if you have a piece of source code and create a post about it, and later a new post about it in a different language, then you simply include it twice. I don't see what else should or could be done by the software. After all, even source code is just random text.

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  • As I wrote in the beginning and only the fact that multilingualism feature exists, it's a big plus for the software. All others are just suggestions for improving the user's experiance. eg At least for me if I've post an article of just 4 paragraphs in Greek, I like to have it copied and then translating it in English paragraph by paragraph or phrase by phrease. This way I'll be sure that I've the full text. Sure you can do it with copy+paste. That's why I wrote "just improving user's experiance". It looks more professional and nothing more.

  • I didn't say I don't like your suggestions ;) In fact I'm already working on some of them as a plugin, especially regarding attachments (this is imho the biggest point), but also regarding making the translation easier. Therefore I'd like to know what you whink can be improved and how.

    My current approach is as following:
    - Create a new button / dropdown "Translate to" with the other installed languages as selectable options (still working on the best placement)
    - Redirect the user to the ThreadAddForm with the proper language preselected, the text copied and the attachments re-embedded.
    - Optional embed a link to the original thread

    - Create a permission so that users can translate threads of other users, but in that case a honorable mention of the original author and a link to the original post will always be embedded
    - Create some way to connect those multi lingual posts (link from one version to the other, still have to figure that one out).

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  • In fact I'm already working on some of them as a plugin

    You just found a client :) I'll be the first that I'll buy it. I also wanted to buy that "#Hastag" plugin as it's price is affortable. But talking honestly, I didn't understood what it does more than the native "Tags" :/

  • Regarding the hashtag plugin:
    It doesn't do antyhing more at the moment then the native tags. It just allows you to type them in as hashtags. (And makes them clickable in the text).

    I was working on making them a little bit more - e.g. allowing individual posts to be tagged, providing hash-streams much like twitter does and more, but I wasn't satisfied with the whole concept, e.g. where to display those things and more yet, so I haven't expanded the whole thing yet.

    But to be honest, with my courses at university and my other plugins, im pretty packed right now. I've planned the release of updates to my existing plugins for august (and yes, some small additions to the hashtag plugin will also be included), the release of a long outstanding plugin at the end of august/early september and then I have already another big plugin worth considering.

    Another problem is the fact that you can not charge for updates in the store. If i'd release a major update to the hashtag plugin (probably also bumping the price up), it must either be a new entry in the store, or I'll give the update away for free for all existing customers. Neither are satisfying solutions, I don't want to charge existing customers the whole price, but I don#t want to give that much work away for free for so many people. But that problem with the store is content for another topic...

    "A life is like a garden. Perfect moments can be had, but not preserved, except in memory. LLAP" — Leonard Nimoy

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