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  • I have used different codes css to change the color of the placeholder in the search field. But I could not, or better. It works correctly on chrome, opera, safari and internet explorer, but does not go on Mozilla Firefox. The code I use is this:

    .userPanel > div > .searchBar > form input[type="search"]::-webkit-input-placeholder {color: #cccccc;}
    .userPanel > div > .searchBar > form input[type="search"]::-moz-placeholder {color: #cccccc;}
    .userPanel > div > .searchBar > form input[type="search"]:-ms-input-placeholder {color: #cccccc;}

    I have also used other, but I have always the same problem. The curious thing is that even with the style of happens to me. That is, on chrome and other browsers I see a color while on mozilla firefox I see the base color.

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