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    In Hebrew PC keyboard, the letter "ת" is where the comma sign ",". So - if I type a first letter - and then the letter "ת", it automatically makes it a new tag (even if my operating system is Hebrew and I'm trying to write something like "חתול", I will see this: "ח", because I have the letter "ת", which is mistaken to be typed as a comma.

    Please fix that as soon as you can. Thanks.

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    The issue lies deep inside the JavaScript class WCF.EditableItemList which is reused in a lot of places. In order to resolve this issue, I have to listen for the event keypress instead of keydown but unfortunately the key code (identifying which key was pressed) is incompatible. Exchanging the event will most likely break multiple deriving classes (including ones from 3rd party authors) and this is nothing one should do with a small bugfix release.

    I will change it's behavior with WCF 2.1, but there will be no fix for WCF 2.0 for the above reason.

  • Which means some users (like myself) won't be able to use thread tags (and similar functions) until WCF 2.1... :/
    What can I do until then?
    When is WCF 2.1 is due? I guess in a few months from now...?

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