Translation issues (Norwegian)

  • Hi all,

    I wanted to post this thread under the BB3.1-forum but I'm not allowed.. :whistling:

    Some years ago I made a complete translation of our Board freom english to norwegian. Now there are lots of new variables so I'm trying to update the translation for all of them.
    I'm using the same procedure as before; save the xml language file from the ACP, edit the file on my computer, upload the file again from the ACP.

    My problem is that lots of variables are not in the file. :pinch:
    One example is the variables wbb.welcomeHeader.welcome.*. I have one instance of those in my file but editing them doesn't change anything on the Board.
    Another one is wcf.acp.option.category.tapatalk (I guess this is a plugin and maybe not covered here..?). This one I entered manually in my xml-file and then it's OK.

    So my main question (for now) is; How to get all variabels into the xml-file before downloading?

    We're running WBB 3.1.7 on WCF 1.1.9.
    We have about 90000 users, 60000 threads, 400000 posts, 30000 PMs.

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