Little problem for templates

  • I would like to insert in boardlistLastPost the image of the user who responds to last in a given discussion. How can I do? I was able to insert the image but you can see the avatar of your profile, because I copied the code of the user panel. Is there a code or something to make what I want? Thank you.

    I was able to make the image clickable to see the profile of the user who last replied to the discussion. But I can not render its image? Aid? Or maybe the guides for the classes of template?

    Else ... How can I do the same for unregistered users? * make visible this thing *

    the code in question is at this

    <p style="display: none;" id="userAvatar">
    {if $this->user->userID && $this->user->getAvatar()}<a href="index.php?page=User&amp;userID={@$lastPosts.$boardID->lastPosterID}{@SID_ARG_2ND}">{@$this->user->getAvatar()}</a>{else}<img src="{@RELATIVE_WCF_DIR}images/avatars/avatar-default.png" alt="" />{/if}

    Now the code is this

    <a href="index.php?page=User&amp;userID={@$this->user->userID}{@SID_ARG_2ND}">hello</a>

    Where I entered "hello" I enter the code to show the avatar of the user who replied to the discussion.

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