Hi and a question about other forums

  • Hi all. I won't state my name here but just wanted to know if anyone has a forum that I can role play at I've provided a list of shows and or movies that I would like to join role plays for if anyone knows of a good forum for it please let me know.

    TV Shows:

    Stargate SG1
    Stargate Atlantis
    The Women's Murder Club
    Criminal Minds
    CSI Miami
    CSI New York
    Grey's Anatomy
    Crossing Jordan
    Touched By An Angel


    Star Wars
    Save The Last Dance
    American Pie trilogy and American ReUnion
    Dirty Dancing

    Movies/TV Shows:

    Star Trek


    Harry Potter
    The Last Song
    The Bourne series

    If anyone knows of any great role play sites for any of the above listed I would be so glad to hear about them and would love to know if any canons are needed for some of the above listed I have certain canons I would prefer to play should the role play site be in need of those characters. Also in the case of the Stargates I would love to have say AU areas to role play in as well.

    Thanks for any help or advice you can give me.

  • You might struggle finding a lot of those Janet. But I think you'll find Lost World's will provide you with quite a few. If they don't have it, they can make it for you providing you can get players with you. You could also try simply googling for it. Most role plays will show up there. ;)

  • Thank your for the suggestion Melanie86 I have been trying google for some of them and I have joined Lost Worlds. Also if anyone has heard of a role play site called "Dark Desires : A Sanctuary Role Play Site" would you please tell me how to get on it.

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