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  • The forum is more or less a hobby. It won't bother me much to switch software. I'll be using open source software...all the titles I've looked at don't require InnoDB.

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    • Oh, okay. :) I just noticed you replied, but not directly to me lol. But I understand what you're saying though, I wish you the best with your forum. :) I know it sucks sometimes, cause I didn't launch my forum since I first bought Burning Board 6 plus months ago, as I was waiting on Burning Board 4 to be released. And I tied up money into plugins for Burning Board 3 too, and then had to buy all those plugins again for Burning Board 4, and I still waiting on official plugins to be released too. >_< So much time wasted, so much money too, it sucks. Lol!

  • hi, seen your thread posts about InnoDB, just curious, do you have a lot tied up in Burning Board products? If so, it might be worth just switching hosts. Because other forum software costs more than Burning Board, plus other software don't have importer scripts ready yet I don't think. So you wouldn't be able to ipmort from Burning Board to the other software. It will end up costing you more to switch to another forum software as well. InnoDB is widely used by many softwares, if the host can't provide this automatically, they're not really good host then. I asked my host to enable it and they did without issues. It should have been on from get go though lol.