Remove Black Box

  • How can I remove this black box?! I would like to make it invisible

    I managed to change the thick of the box using css ...
    #mainMenu {
    border:0px none

    I solved the problem header.

    #header, #logo, .mainMenuInner, #mainMenu, #mainMenu a, #footer {
    border: 0px;
    .mainMenu .mainMenuInner {
    margin: 0;
    border-width: none;
    border-style: none;
    Basically I would like to be alone in the box (the red one) with the names of the menu.
    I would like to remove that black box around the logo and menu. Thanks

    EDIT2: The same thing happens in the discussions. It will be a setting of the skin? but what I have to remove not to see these boards?

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