What is your favorite style?

  • Style which one? 34

    1. Basic (2) 6%
    2. Blue Space (1) 3%
    3. Blue Sunrise (5) 15%
    4. Blue Sunrise Snow (1) 3%
    5. Green Sunrise Lite (3) 9%
    6. Liquid Horizon (1) 3%
    7. Pure Chrome (6) 18%
    8. X Caldera (3) 9%
    9. X Crater (3) 9%
    10. X Eruption (0) 0%
    11. X Hotspot (0) 0%
    12. X Lava (5) 15%
    13. X Magma (1) 3%
    14. X Tephra (3) 9%

    I believe this is another important point for a software. Woltlab has a lot of styles. The question is which is your favorite? Mine is Tephra i use it here and also at my forum.

  • There is one style missing - "Woltlab Community" ;)

    I used to use the Volcano-X Stiles, because they were really cool. But it turned out, they are not practical enough (e.g., you can not choose different stiles in your profile both for the wcom und the wsf), and that they were a little bit too dark for long reading (i ofen use to use to read and write by night), and i switched back to the standard stiles - "WoltLab Liquid Horizon" and "WoltLab Community" (these stiles are both exclusive and not sold by woltlab, the others you listed can all be purchased in the members area [just a note in case you didn't know ;) ] ).

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  • Blue Sunrise Snow is really cool in the winter. It gets boring in the other seasons though, so I mostly use Blue Sunrise. Can't understand why people say it's ugly…

  • I think a little bit modded is the Pure Chrome Style the best :love: (e.g. Headerpicture ;))

    I found too, that the Volcano X Styles are very nice :) My favourite is the Caldera :D


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  • My favorite is probably Blue Space. Im not using it myself but Ive seen it on a couple of forums. I guess Im pretty biased to blue colors. I also like the Volcano series.

  • Hmm.. yeah, I like most of them :)

    But I think, that "Pure Chrome" is better the the "X Styles", because it isn't too dark, its not dark xD

    You can read as long as you want xD

    But the message sidebar on the right site is unfamiliar to me ^^

    I hope, my english isn't too bad *g*

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  • the blue sunrise is wonderful, it's nature and I always adorated sunrise.
    when alone I always go on sea board watching the sunrise upon the blue sea waves. Sublim!

  • My favorite style is "Pure Chrome", but only when you put the sidebar to the left. I think the sidebar on the right side is horrible!
    It's a simple and clean style. I like that.

    Another personal favorite was the original wbb3mods.de style. Not the oversimplified version from it that is active in the WCom as default style.

    MfG Markus Zhang (aka RouL)

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