Briefly Explained: What Do the Labels in the Woltlab Forum Mean?

Basically serve this labels primary our developers to work systematically through reported errors and suggestions.

But secondarily they give the threadstarter a hint on how far the reported error or the problem is actually a bug in the software, or whether it is an user error.

Label in the bugs forum:

  • [Confirmed]
    The error could be traced, it is actually a bug in the software and it will just work on the problem.
  • [Confirmed (Upstream)]
    We were able to confirm the issue, but the problem is caused by a third-party developer library or component. The problem has been reported to the maintainer and we are waiting for them to fix it.
  • [Fixed] [Version number]
    The error could be localized and fully resolved. He is no longer included in the current developer version and will no longer occur with the appearance of the specified version number.
  • [Not a bug]
    The reported error is not a bug in our software. Its caused by the user (for example, errors caused by the installation of third-party plugins, incorrect configuration etc.)
  • [Cannot reproduce]
    The reported error is despite repeated attempts incomprehensible/doesn't occurs when tested employees despite careful reconstruction of the circumstances under which it occurred the user.
  • [Works as designed]
    The reported error/problem is not a bug in the software, the function is as intended.
  • [Duplicate]
    This error has been logged (and can be found on the forums Search/for further information, the original message was linked).
  • [Won't fix]
    The problem is not a bug in the true sense. A fix is usually not possible.
  • [Feedback required]
    The provided information are not sufficient. Additional information has been requested and is awaiting feedback.
  • [Future fix]
    For this issue, there is currently no solution or the solution requires major modifications, which we can not perform for reasons of stability with a simple troubleshooting update. A fix with the next major release planned.

Label in the suggestion forum:

  • [Duplicate]
    This suggestion has been logged (and can be found on the forums Search/for further information, the original message was linked).
  • [Implemented][Version number]
    This function is implemented in the specified version of the software.
  • [Planned] [Version number]
    An implementation of the suggestion is scheduled for the specified version.
  • [Won't be implemented]
    This suggestion will be not implemented, because it is technically not possible or in our view does not make sense.
  • [Without Label]
    For these suggestions no definite decision has been made. Not labeled suggestions will not be ignored. An implementation may well be done in one of the later versions.