How Can I Sell Plugins via the WoltLab Plugin-Store?

The activation for the selling of plugins in the WoltLab Plugin-Store is on request. Basic requirement for the vendor status is a registered business in the respective home country with the appropriate tax number, in Germany e.g. a UG, GbR, etc. Furthermore, the conclusion of a distribution contract and the payment of a handling fee of EUR 50,- plus VAT is required.

Conditions for the Selling of Plugins

  • WoltLab receives a provision of 25% of the net price for each sale.
  • The net sales price of a Plugins may lie between EUR 1.67 and EUR 168.06.
  • At the beginning of each month we pay the balance by bank transfer or via PayPal, as long as it exceeds EUR 30.00.

Why Are Plugins Only Available after a Code Review?

We manually check all uploaded files for errors and especially for possible security problems. The individual programming style is not subject to evaluation. Our primary goal is to detect problems at an early stage and solve them in cooperation with the developer.

A rejection is usually only issued if the test has revealed serious problems that prevent proper operation. In the case of minor, non-critical defects, an approval is usually granted and an additional notification is sent, in which we point out the problems found, for example minor typing errors. Our primary goal is to carry out a check that is as objective as possible and to support the developer in their work.

Why Is There a Fee for the Activation as a Vendor?

The fee covers the initial administrative costs incurred, e.g. for checking documents and drawing up the contract documents.

Why Does Woltlab Charge a Provision on the Sale?

The provision is primarily intended to cover the costs incurred. These are, on the one hand, the costs of processing payments and, on the other hand, administrative costs, e.g. in accounting or in the resolution of disputes. In addition, we check each uploaded plugin very carefully to ensure certain quality standards ("code review"). This is associated with a high personnel expenditure and thus causes corresponding costs.

Interested? Contact us by e-mail to and we will send you the contract documents.