New Features in WoltLab Suite 5.5: Other Improvements

Package Installation Using StoreCode

Manual download of packages has repeatedly caused frustration among some users, for example when the latest version of a package is compatible with an older or newer version of WoltLab Suite only. Installation via the package search in the admin panel solves this problem, but may require the user to provide credentials or the search turns out to be difficult because the name of the package does not match the name of the entry in the Plugin-Store, for example due to a different spelling.

With WoltLab Suite 5.5 we offer a new and more convenient method of installing packages from the Plugin-Store: StoreCode.

The StoreCode is a somewhat longer combination of numbers and letters that can be conveniently copied to the clipboard and from there pasted into the new input field in the package search. Embedded in the StoreCode is the information about the exact name of the package to be installed and additionally temporary credentials for downloading the package. The installation can thus begin immediately, the generated StoreCode is personalized and is valid for up to 30 minutes.

The StoreCode is available for all packages in the Plugin-Store that are compatible with WoltLab Suite 5.5.

Better Performance and Increased Security

New and improved functions are traditionally in the proverbial spotlight and are immediately tangible for many users. However, we consider it no less important that page views and actions are always as fast as possible. This not only leads to a significantly better user experience but also has a positive effect on search engine rankings.

We rely on a combination of technical innovations, such as targeted "lazy loading" of graphics, where images in the non-visible part of the page are loaded in the background only after a delay, and the review of internal processes to improve performance. Through careful evaluations and intelligent optimizations, we were able to speed up the average page loading times by up to 7%.

We have further improved our high security standards and implemented targeted measures that both address rather unusual attack patterns, such as “BREACH” attacks, and proactively provide protection against future threats. For particularly sensitive websites, we have added an additional security level to the password strength check.

Other Improvements Briefly Presented

Improved detection of lost attachments

In the past, file attachments were sometimes no longer linked due to a reload of the page when creating a post. Uploaded, but not yet finally saved, file attachments are now better marked internally and automatically linked to the corresponding posts.

Change of the installation directory in rescue mode

The rescue mode automatically detects changes to installation directories and can update them directly in the database - no manual changes in the database are required anymore.

Rebuild all data in one run

The "Rebuild All" option performs all actions one after the other fully automatically.

Direct link to media file

A direct link to the file is now displayed in the list of media.

User quick search

The quick search option is now available in the "Search users" form.

Better linking of preview graphics of file attachments

Smaller graphics have been given a larger click area, making them easier to access.

More recipients of moderation comment notifications

Notifications about new comments on moderation entries are now delivered to all authorized moderators.

Simplified uninstallation of packages

Uninstalling a package is possible via the package‘s page, the detour via the package list is no longer necessary.

Permission for maximum comment length

The length of comments can now be limited via a group permission.

Title attribute in media manager

The title of a medium is additionally provided using the title tooltip to make it easier to distinguish between long titles.

Linking of comment section in articles

The comment counter of articles now links to the comment section.

Filtering of event participations

The list of own event participations can be filtered by a calendar category.

Number of events per category

The list of categories in the list of upcoming events shows the number of events per category.

Easier creation of events

By double-clicking, an event can now be created directly in the weekly view and the year view.

Filtering of events by category

The filter by category is now preserved when switching between different views in the calendar.

Better display of event date

In search results as well as in recent activities, the date of the event is now better displayed.

Export of individual events

Individual events can be downloaded as a file in vCal format for convenient import into an external calendar or for sharing.

Disabled call counter for disabled content

The call counter of, for example, articles is no longer incremented when accessing disabled entries.

Larger nesting of Filebase categories possible

The maximum nesting depth of Filebase categories has been increased to ten.

Rich embeds for RSS feeds

Forum posts imported via RSS feed now use the rich embed function for display.

Online status in user management

The list of users in the user management now shows their online status.

Revised file list

The display of the file list in the filebase has been visually revised.

Marking of unread threads in boxes

Unread threads in boxes are now consistently marked as unread.

Perma-link for conversations

The date indicator in conversations now also links to itself with a perma-link.

Article comment notifications

Subscriptions to article categories now also receive notifications of new article comments.

Automatic done marking of threads

Threads are automatically marked as done when a post from the thread is selected as the best reply.

Show boxes only in specific forums

Boxes can be configured to show only in selected forums.

Email log filtering

The email log can now be filtered by message ID.

Simplified user management

The actions for deleting, deactivating and similar options are now also available in the form for editing users.

More details in the moderation log

Opening closed threads and restoring deleted threads has been added to the moderation log.

Improved search results in the admin panel

The search in the admin panel displays more results and also uses more space for display.

Notice about pending account deletion

If a user has activated the deletion of his account, he will now receive a notice on all pages that the deletion of his account is pending.

Filtering of media without category

In the media management you can filter for media without category assignment.

Embedding content in "About me" text and comments

Content from other parts of the software, such as gallery images, can now be embedded in the "About me" text and comments.

Notifications about responses to article comments

Authors of article comments and replies to comments are now notified about reactions.