New Features in WoltLab Suite 5.3 (Part 3)

Notification Settings

With an increasing number of configuration settings for notifications, the corresponding page in the user account became very long and thus increasingly confusing. With version 5.3 we have completely revised the layout of the page and have chosen a more compact design in both the desktop view and the mobile view to provide more clarity. In the course of the revision, the accessibility of the page was also improved.

Indicator for Strong Passwords

Choosing a secure password is not easy and the main cause of compromised user accounts. Rigid password rules, some of which require a high degree of complexity, such as special characters and numbers, without significantly increasing security, are also partly to blame.

We would like to counteract this by checking the password directly in the browser when it is entered in order to detect weak passwords directly. The algorithm works intelligently and knows frequently used passwords, repetitions and other types of passwords, some of which are long but easy to guess.

Various Improvements for Trophies

In addition to the trophies already displayed directly, the user profile shows a hint for further trophies. The link leads to the listing of trophies the user has received.

The general list of available trophies now shows how often a trophy has already been given to users.

The maximum number of special trophies - i.e. trophies displayed directly in the user profile or in the sidebar of posts - is no longer limited. The administrator can set arbitrary values per user group. The user is also better informed about the set limit when selecting their special trophies.

Other Improvements

We have revised the presentation of the most helpful answer in the topic. If there is a most helpful answer in the topic, a large button is displayed below the starting post, which allows you to jump directly to the most helpful post.

If you have selected a filter in the topic list - e.g. by labels - that did not deliver any results, you can now conveniently reset the filter via a direct link and thus save several clicks.

Source code boxes with many lines are collapsed by default. With version 5.3, in addition to the button at the end of the box, there is also a button at the beginning of the box to collapse the box again.

When commenting on content - e.g. in the blog or in the image gallery - the tab with the smileys is now available in the same way as when writing posts in the forum.

External links contained in user-generated content - e.g. forum posts - are now provided with the attribute rel=ugc to ensure that search engines can better detect these kind of links. Furthermore, links that are not part of WoltLab Suite but belong to the domain where WoltLab Suite is installed are no longer flagged as external links.

Reactions to CMS articles now generate a notification for the author of the article.

The configured user online marking for user names is now also applied outside the "Users online" list.