New Features in WoltLab Suite 5.3 (Part 2)

Multilingual Files

Frequently requested, version 5.3 will make it possible to store the description texts for files completely multilingual, similar to CMS articles. This means that the file itself is only stored once, but the description texts are stored several times - depending on the number of installed languages. The form provides a dedicated tab for each language, where the texts can be defined accordingly.

Users will be presented the translation for their interface languages upon visit. Each language version has an unique link so that the different versions can be correctly indexed by search engines.

Moderation Notifications

Notifications for moderation actions on your own content - e.g. deletion or approval - are already known from forum threads. With version 5.3 this kind of notifications is also available for files in the filebase. For example, you will now be notified when your own file, which was in the moderation process, has been approved.

Other Improvements

The star rating of file reviews now shows the total number of existing reviews.

A new button at the top of the version list allows the owner of a file to easily add a new version of the file.

When adding a new file version the filebase now directly suggests the next available version number.

With the new version, the teaser text of files can be searched for the first time using the search function.