New Features in WoltLab Suite 5.2: Reviews, Favorites, and Masonry Layout

Filebase Reviews

WoltLab Suite Filebase 5.2 adds a new tab to the file page: reviews. With reviews, your users can rate and comment on specific versions of files, making it easier for other users to assess whether it is worth downloading or buying the relevant file.

The list of reviews can be sorted by date (default) or by rating and it can also be filtered by the rated version.

Based on the ratings of all relevant reviews, average ratings for files and their versions are calculated and shown in file and version lists.

The previous image also shows an additional new feature in WoltLab Suite Filebase 5.2: users can now select a Font Awesome icon for their files in addition to manually uploading an icon.

Images and Video Favorites

WoltLab Suite Gallery 5.2 allows users to mark images and videos as favorites which they can view on their dedicated private “My Favorites” page.

The number of times users have added an image or video to their favorites is tracked for each image and video so that this counter can be used, for example, to sort lists or to create a box with the favorite images and videos of your users.

Masonry Image and Video Lists

By default, images and videos in lists are presented in lists via their thumbnail which has a 4:3 aspect ratio resulting in a regular grid. Version 5.2 introduces a new view, masonry, which retains the original aspect ratio of the images and thus is great for landscapes and portraits.

The masonry layout can be used for all image and videos lists and you can select it for specific non-sidebar image and video boxes.

Comments 2

AWESOME! I've been waiting for this :). This is why I will update all of my licenses once 5.2 is released.

Really like the Images and Videos Favorites / Lists improvements made in WoltLab Suite Gallery 5.2

Nice! Yet another reason to upgrade to Version 5.2 from 5.1!