New Features in WoltLab Suite 5.2: Event Invitations, Automated Import, and Detection of Overlapping Events

Improvements to Invitations

We have improved several aspects of event invitations for the new version. Events can now be marked as invitation-only so that users can only add themselves as participants if they were invited.

Regardless of any restrictions set up for the participation, users and user groups can now immediately be invited to the event during the event creation process.

Before version 5.2, invited users were listed as undecided participants. Now, there is an additional participation status specific for invited users so that it is easier to track who will participate, who will not, which users are still undecided and which users are invited but have not reacted to their invitation. Participants now also have the option of entering a comment, regardless of the status they have selected. In previous versions this was limited to a commitment.

Automated Import of External Calendars

We‘re extending the ability to import calendar events from external sources. With WoltLab Suite Calendar 5.2, it is now possible to subscribe to external iCal calenders. The calenders are periodically checked for new events which are automatically imported.

Detection of Overlapping Events

Lastly, when setting the time of an event, we have added a new feature that checks if there are any other events during the same period of the time in the same category. These events are now shown below the input field for the start time so that you can avoid setting up events at conflicting times.

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Meh, its all cool and good improvements, but I was hoping for something for those of us who do not use Calendars LOL.

I'm wondering what is going to change with the Core app. Are we now going to see guest comments posted on articles pulled onto the dashboard and smilies able to be used with the editor in articles and profile comments without you manually needing to add the code. Also, is there now going to be an option with the Core app to add a Vote Poll with articles, or add a vote poll on the dashboard as a block. 3 things there I'm wondering about?

Yesss this one I like 🙏🏼🙏🏼

Meh, its all cool and good improvements, but I was hoping for something for those of us who do not use Calendars LOL.

Keep up the good work!!!

For me, these event improvements to be included in Version 5.2, apparently would lend itself very well to something like invitations sent out regarding a Wine Tasting Event I periodically host at my home. Nice!;)

Looking forward to viewing Parts 4 and 5! :)