New Features in Burning Board 4.1: Moderation Improvements

Improved label groups

Label groups used to be a logical element to group different labels, but except for organizational purposes they had no real influence on the user view. With Burning Board 4.1 we've added the ability to specify a show order and added support for bilingual multilingual names. These two changes have a major impact on the interface as they will now be displayed and guide users to find the label group they were looking for.

Thread inline-editing

Inline-editing threads was a bit too limited and forced moderators to go all the way down to the extended post edit of the first post just to do some simple tasks like adding tags. We have added a bunch of new editing abilities to the inline overlay, easing a moderator's life:

Assign labels for multiple threads at once

Some tasks might be quite simple, but assigning labels to multiple threads was a bit too time-consuming. As a result we have added the ability to assign labels to all selected threads at once, it's just a small feature but it should have a huge impact on the general usability for moderators.

Delayed publication of posts

Moderators can already be granted the permission to create disabled posts, allowing them to write posts in advance and publish them at a later time. Starting with Burning Board 4.1, it is even possible for moderators to create disabled posts which will be automatically published on the set time.

Copy threads and posts

We're reintroducing a feature already known from Burning Board 3.1: Copying threads and posts. We have spent some time to implement a worker-like copy-process which copies threads and posts in a number of steps to prevent timeouts when working with rather large amounts of posts.

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