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OpenAI/GPT Integration for WoltLab Suite Forum - Unleash the Power of Artificial Intelligence in Your Community

The integration of GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) into WoltLab Suite Forum is a groundbreaking enhancement that is changing the future of online communities. GPT is an advanced artificial intelligence developed by OpenAI that specializes in generating text. With this extension, you and your members can have smarter and more productive discussions by relying on GPT's invaluable knowledge and ability to create human-like conversations in natural language.

How does the integration of GPT work?

The integration of GPT with WoltLab Suite Forum allows your members to access the capabilities of GPT to have human-like conversations in natural language. When a member makes a post or replies to a post, GPT is automatically enabled to make suggestions and assist the user in making their post. GPT analyzes the context of the post and then generates suggestions to help the user improve their post.

What are the advantages of GPT integration?

The integration of GPT into WoltLab Suite Forum offers numerous advantages for you and your members:

1. better discussions

Thanks to GPT's capabilities, you and your members can have more productive discussions. GPT can help explain complex concepts, answer questions, and understand the context of discussions. This leads to better discussions and a higher level of discussion culture in your online community.

2. more members

Integrating GPT can help bring more members into your online community. GPT can help lower the inhibition threshold for new members by helping them post through GPT's suggestions. This allows more members to post more productively and get into discussions faster.

3. improvement of writing skills

Integrating GPT can help improve the writing skills of your members. GPT can help identify spelling and grammar mistakes and suggest how to improve them. This will help your members improve their writing skills and write better posts.

4. interaction with artificial intelligence is fun

Interacting with GPT can be a lot of fun and make posting an entertaining experience. By being able to receive suggestions from GPT and read the AI's responses, your members can playfully discover and try out GPT's features. Interacting with AI can thus lead to higher user satisfaction and increased interest in the community.

How can I incorporate GPT integration into my online community?

To add GPT integration to your online community, you must first create a free account with OpenAI. To do so, visit the website at https://platform.openai.com/signup, and perform the registration process. After the initial confirmation of your mobile number, you will receive a starting credit of 5.00 USD with a validity of 3 months to test out the system fully and completely risk-free. After the three months have expired, you will need to deposit a payment method (currently only credit card).

After successfully setting up the account, you can generate an API key under OpenAI API, which you then have to store in the administration area of your WoltLab Suite forum under Configuration -> OpenAI -> General. Here you can also store the ID of the selected user in the "GPT" tab and make additional settings for the GPT integration if required.

After installing and setting up GPT, you and your members can enjoy the benefits of this extension and have more productive discussions. To interact with the artificial intelligence, your members need to address this user using username followed by the respective command.

For example, they can write @OpenAI Tell me a joke to receive a joke from the AI.

Is the integration of GPT safe?

GPT integration with WoltLab Suite Forum is secure and provides several security features. GPT is programmed to automatically check posts and filter out inappropriate or offensive content. In addition, GPT does not store any personal data and all communication is encrypted.

Is GPT the same as ChatGPT?

No, GPT is not the same as ChatGPT. GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) is a language model developed by OpenAI that specializes in understanding and producing natural language. It generates text based on trained data and can be used for various applications such as text generation, text summarization and translation.

ChatGPT, on the other hand, is a chatbot based on GPT technology and also developed by OpenAI. It specializes in human-like communication and can be used in various application areas such as customer service, education, and healthcare. Unlike GPT, ChatGPT is capable of complex conversations with context and multiple speakers.

Although both technologies are based on GPT, they differ in their functionality and application. One example is that ChatGPT is able to have full conversations and conversations based on previous utterances and questions. It can take into account the context of previous utterances and draw on them to continue the conversation and generate a meaningful and coherent response.

However, with the GPT API or the integration of GPT into the WoltLab Suite forum, any context is "forgotten" after each generated answer. Therefore, interaction with GPT is limited to single questions or answers and it is not possible to have full conversations or complex discussions.

However, there is basically the option to store additional context information in the plugin settings. With the help of this option, additional information such as the current date, information about the community, or other context information can be provided to the AI before each instruction. This enables the AI to access this information for appropriate questions and integrate it into its answers. This enables a personalized and context-dependent interaction with artificial intelligence and can contribute to higher user satisfaction.

In summary, GPT and ChatGPT are based on the same technology, but have different applications and differ in the way they work.

What does GPT cost?

The cost of using GPT is transparent and can be viewed on OpenAI's website at Pricing. Currently, GPT-3 is offered as the most stable model and no more than $0.008 USD is charged per request. However, the costs incurred may vary depending on the volume and frequency of use, but most importantly on the model chosen.

To monitor the usage of GPT within the WoltLab Suite Forum, OpenAI provides up-to-date and detailed usage statistics in the usage dashboard. Here you can see at any time how many requests have been made and the associated costs.

Please note that after the free trial period of 3 months, for which you will receive a starting credit of 5.00 USD, a payment method (currently exclusively credit card) must be deposited in order to continue using GPT. Please also note that the starting credit expires completely after the trial period and is non-transferable or non-refundable.


The integration of GPT into WoltLab Suite Forum is a revolutionary enhancement that is changing the future of online communities. It enables you and your members to have smarter and more productive discussions by relying on GPT's capabilities. By improving the discussion culture, and facilitating the onboarding of new members, you can take your online community to a new level. GPT integration is secure and easy to install. So, if you are looking for a new and advanced extension for your WoltLab Suite forum, you should definitely consider GPT integration.


  • Version 1.0.0

    Initial Release

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