WoltLab Cloud Simple Color 5.4.0

This file is no longer available for purchase.

The original Woltlab style in various colors with small changes

Product Information

While many like Woltlab's original style, they would also like it to be a bit more colorful or to offer the community the style in more than one color. This is not a problem with the SimpleColor Pack, simply install the complete pack via the package manager and the user can choose between different colors.

Make your community a little more colorful and let your users decide what it should look like!

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Frequently asked Questions

  • Is there an installation service?

    Depending on the registration, a service can be booked through our shop. Installations-/Upgradeservice
  • How do I get support in the forum?

    After creating a free account, the pluginstore activation must be carried out by us.



  • Version 5.4.0