WoltLab Cloud Streaming Partner: Facebook 1.0.0

This product requires the base product Streaming-Partner (Basic package).

Expand your streaming partners to include the Facebook platform and promote your Facebook streamers on your homepage.


  • Go to the developer portal of Facebook
  • Click on the Create app button.
  • Select None as app type and click Next.
  • Give the app a name and click Create app.
  • Click on the Add product link in the menu on the left side of the app.
  • Click Facebook Login on Set up and select Web as platform.
  • Enter the URL of your website (e.g. https://hanashi.dev). You can skip the rest of the tutorial.
  • Now go to ACP -> Configuration -> Streaming Partner -> Platforms.
  • Copy the redirect URI, which is in the description of the Facebook App ID field.
  • Go back to Facebook's developer portal and select your app.
  • Open the submenu of Facebook Login in the left menu and click Settings.
  • At Valid OAuth Redirect URIs enter your copied redirect URI and click Save changes.
  • Now unfold the submenu of Settings and click on General.
  • Copy the App-ID and the App secret code.
  • Now go to ACP -> Configuration -> Streaming Partner -> Platforms.
  • Enter the copied App-ID at Facebook App-ID.
  • Enter the copied app secret code at Facebook app secret code.
  • Press Submit.


  • the game and status filter are ignored by Facebook because the API does not return this information
  • if the Facebook app is not verified, a maximum of 50 streamers can be added, each user must be deposited as a tester in the Facebook app for this purpose

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You must have purchased and installed the following plugin:


Support is only available in the support forum or the discord.

What happens after the purchase?

Create a user account on hanashi.dev. In your settings, go to Activate purchases. And enter your API information from the API Access page. Now click Submit. You have now activated access to the support forum.

  • Version 1.0.0

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