WoltLab Cloud Streaming Partner (Trovo) 1.0.0

This product requires the base product Streaming-Partner (Basic package).

Add the Trovo platform to your streaming partners and promote your Trovo streamers on your homepage.


  1. Go to the Trovo developer portal
  2. Click on New Application
  3. Give your application a name
  4. Choose as category Website Integration
  5. Give your application a description
  6. Confirm the contracts and click Create. The process to activate the application can take up to 2 weeks.
  7. When the application is unlocked, go back to the developer portal and select your application.
  8. Click on the Copy button in the Client id line.
  9. Go to ACP -> Configuration -> Streaming Partners -> Platforms
  10. Activate the check mark at Trovo
  11. Enter the copied client at Trovo Client-ID.
  12. Click Submit

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You must have purchased and installed the following plugin:


Support is only available in the support forum or the discord.

What happens after the purchase?

Create a user account on hanashi.dev. In your settings, go to Activate purchases. And enter your API information from the API Access page. Now click Submit. You have now activated access to the support forum.

  • Version 1.0.0